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Enjoy life's special moments!



U.S. Capital Advisors and Legacy One Financial Advisors Merge Forces to Create One of the Largest Independent Wealth RIAs in Texas, Focused on Empowering Others


Our Approach…

To apply thoughtfulness, compassion, empathy and expertise for each family, each plan, each discussion. 

Whether you are just starting out or already appreciate the need to carefully manage your financial life, we can help you achieve your goals. It’s a matter of focusing on the long term, while applying measured and consistent discipline. 


We are a diverse group with extensive experience in a range of planning and investment techniques. Whatever your situation or stage in life, we can address your needs and help you feel confident about your current and future financial plans.



Client Services

Your Life – Your Legacy - Our Expertise



Legacy One offers unique wealth management services to families and individuals looking to take control of their financial future.

Creating and managing wealth is personal, It’s about you, your current stage of life, and how to best meet your long-term needs. Whatever your situation, our advisors are well prepared to help you get to and through retirement, and to help you leave a lasting legacy.

We take our fiduciary responsibility to you very seriously, which means we are committed to what is in your best interest. That’s also why we chose to be “fee only” advisors. We are transparent about our fees, so you can be assured that any actions we take are for your benefit.

Wealth management can come with emotional turbulence if one is not prepared. Our advisors have the expertise to develop a diversified financial plan that is risk-adjusted, tax efficient, and designed to meet your unique needs. Building an ongoing relationship with you is integral to all that we do. We invite you to meet with us, so we can get to know you and discuss how we can help you accomplish not only your goals, but also your dreams. 

   Individuals & Families

Please contact us today to schedule a meeting. We hope to see you soon!


Each client is unique, and we specialize in tailoring our advice to not only fit your current situation, but also provide a foundation for future growth. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we endeavor to take you to the next level.

Our advisors work closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals in order to craft a plan, and then design an investment strategy to help you achieve it. Of course, we also help with retirement planning, estate planning, risk management (insurance), cash flow/money management, college planning and more.

Meeting Goals

Individuals and families with different levels of resources and financial asset complexities require different investment solutions. But we all have multiple goals and priorities - and we all have a limit to how much risk we can take.

Our initial objective is to help you identify, quantify and prioritize your most critical goals - the ones you really cannot afford to miss. We want to take care of these goals in a fashion that minimizes the potential for you to get knocked off track by episodes of extreme market risk and helps avoid the emotional reactions that often follow. For some people, depending on their financial resources and goals, this may represent their entire portfolio.

For other clients, there may be excess capital available to deploy after the priority goals are funded.  Custom portfolio solutions are introduced and sequenced for these clients as appropriate.

Whether you need to keep earning to meet long-term goals, or you ‘have enough’ and want to be more opportunistic in your investment approach, selecting a trusted partner for investment advice is an important decision. Our team has the expertise to help you navigate the challenging investment environment. We are committed to providing the right resources, cost-effectively, so you can achieve your objectives.


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At Legacy One, our goal is to build a trusted relationship with you as we help you meet your needs and achieve your goals.

In the spirit of communication and transparency, we have designed this resource center for educational purposes. We hope this helps to simplify financial conversations, which sometimes tend to be overly complicated. We hope that by sharing and discussing information we can better serve you in a collaborative manner to make informed decisions.

We encourage regular communication around the important life events you experience and best practices for managing those from a financial perspective. Whether you are just starting a savings plan, paying down debt, saving for the future, handling a liquidity event, starting a business, nearing retirement or establishing your legacy, we want to discuss and share ideas for how we can help.

Please reach out to discuss any of this information and let us know of any questions.

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Whether it’s the first time you are looking for a financial advisor or you want a second opinion on what you are already doing, please give us a call.
It could be the start of a wonderful relationship!

Legacy One Financial Advisors

Austin Office


300 W. 6th Street, Suite 1900
Austin, Texas 78701


Email: Info@Legacy1FA.com
Telephone: 512-342-0202
Fax: 512-342-0101

Get started with the Austin Office by filling out the form below. You can also use this form to edit existing client information.

Austin Client Data Form

Georgetown Office


2004 Williams Drive
Georgetown, TX 78628


Email: Info@Legacy1FA.com
Telephone: 512-864-0721
Fax: 512-591-7852

Get started with the Georgetown Office by filling out the form below. You can also use this form to edit existing client information.

Georgetown Client Data Form

Legacy One Financial Advisors is an independent, SEC registered investment advisor with offices in Austin and Georgetown, Texas. At Legacy One, our motto is "your family, your plan." Whether you are just starting out or already appreciate the need to carefully manage your financial life, we can help you achieve your goals. Our approach is to apply thoughtfulness, compassion, empathy and expertise for each family, each plan, each discussion.

Legacy One Financial Advisors has recently announced it alignment with USCA RIA, LLC. Going forward, Legacy One will be operating under the name U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors, LLC.


At Legacy One Financial Advisors, our team enjoys a shared mission. We believe that with passion and perseverance, every individual can achieve their goals. We invest time, talent and resources in individual advancement which we believe is a benefit for each employee, our clients and our collective team.

We aim to provide competitive compensation and benefits and a fulfilling work-life balance because it is our deeply held belief that organizations where team members are happy and fully engaged are ultimately more profitable and enjoyable places to work. 

At Legacy One, you can look forward to your job every day, enjoy the people around you, and delight in the journey. If you strive to help others, have high ethical standards, intellectual curiosity and self-initiative, please reach out to us about a career opportunity today.

Legacy One Financial Advisors is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran state, age or disability in employment of the provision of services. 

There are currently no openings available, but our team is always open for discussion. Please send us your resume.

Send Us Your Resume

If you would like to be considered for one of the positions we currently have available, fill out the form below and send us your resume. We will get back to you if you are a candidate for one of our job listings. 

If you are an Advisor interested in partnering with an existing RIA let's connect today. We are focused on helping you grow your advisory business. We want to help give you control over how your business operates, earns, and grows. We want to give you personal satisfaction by allowing you to do what is best for your clients.

Serving as an independent RIA is not easy. We have been through the challenges of a transition, spent countless hours building the infrastructure, managed the pitfalls and we have learned along the way. We believe that with the enhancements we have made at Legacy One over the past few years we can now offer our services to other advisors looking for managerial, operational and compliance expertise.

We want to help you anticipate your needs, plan for future challenges and share some of our infrastructure and expertise with you to make your job a lot less stressful. We are interested in a collaborative approach; we want to understand your personal and professional goals and help you achieve them.

We are confident that with the right people who are philosophically aligned with us we can grow together to deliver unparalleled service, investment solutions and create more value for all those involved.

Please reach out today to discuss your goals.

Benefits of Joining an RIA

  • Client-First Culture: Legacy One’s culture necessitates always acting in our clients’ best interest. We are attentive to offering customized solutions that are right for each individual client and their family.
  • Freedom & Flexibility: Legacy One’s independence gives us the opportunity to offer your clients a wide range of solutions from advisory services to enhanced investment products. You have the opportunity to contribute to and control your own brand, reputation, and values.
  • Favorable Economic Structure: As an independent RIA, Legacy One Advisors earn a relatively competitive percentage of their revenue.
  • Entrepreneurial Partnership Alignment: Legacy One’s partners are aligned through decades of proven experience, combined skills and industry knowledge. This grouping provides the Firm with access to a broad network of relationships and resources to assist you in your business.
  • Financial Strength of an Established Firm: Legacy One is fortunate to be able to offer you and your clients compelling opportunities and a sense of long-term business continuity.
  • Supportive Practice Management: Legacy One offers operational infrastructure, compliance support and risk management including collaboration with leading service providers and technology platforms to serve clients and leverage efficiencies for growth.

Send Us Your Resume

If you would like to be considered for one of the positions we currently have available, fill out the form below and send us your resume. We will get back to you if you are a candidate for one of our job listings.